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What is a Recovery Coach?

What is a Recovery Coach?

“A recovery coach is a non-clinical person who helps remove personal
and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the recovering person
to the recovery community and serves as a personal guide and mentor in
the management of personal and family recovery.”  – William White,

But that's not all! At Brevi Recovery, we are also about taking the
time to put play back into your life.  Joy and sobriety go hand in
hand.  That said, Ruschelle makes sure that having fun is an integral
part of you recovery experience.

Recovery/Sobriety Coaches differ based on your coaches background.

Brevi Recovery Services focus on three primary areas:

Safe Taper from Benzodiazapines
Early Recovery (sober 6 months or less)
Relapse Prevention (sober 6 month or more)