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Services and Fees

Services and Fees

Safe Taper Program
Early Recovery Coaching
Relapse Prevention

Safe Taper Coaching
Are you seeking treatment in tapering off Benzodiazapines such as
Valium or Xanax?  This coaching package provides the support and
information to safely taper at home while maintaining family and
employment.  This services is drastically cheaper than in-patient
programs and require no "adjustment period" from living in a
residential setting.
Session includes:
-In depth initial consult
-Recovery Team Development
-Recovery Plan development
-Family Consult

What You Get: The Ability to Enjoy Life and Stay Sane While Tapering!!!
This Includes
Ongoing support when you need it.
Assist in choosing a supportive Physician
Stress Management thru Meditation and Breathwork
Nutritional and Supplementation Support
Relationship Coaching
Recommendations for Medical Follow-Up

This package requires minimum 3 month commitment.
$600 startup fee
Including Assessment
Physician/Family Consult

Prices range from $600-$3000 monthly based on need.

One 2-hour face to face meeting, and five-30 minute phone calls: $600.
Two 2-hour face to face meetings and ten-30 minute phone calls: $1100.
Three 2-hour face to face meetings and twenty-30 minute phone calls: $1500.

Exact quote completed upon assessment.

Early Recovery
New to Sobriety?  This package is right for you.  You will get all the
support you need to develop and maintain lasting health and longevity.
 Working with Ruschelle, you will find confidence in your sobriety and
live freely to the things you have always wanted.

Sessions Include:
Assessment of needs (not just health bu what makes you happy!)
Development of wellness plan
-stress management
-career goals
Relapse Prevention Plan
-exploring internal resources
-builing a support network
-relationship coping
-self esteem work

What You Get: Confidence in Your Sobriety!
This includes
Increased Self Esteem
Improved Relationships
Reduced Stress
Increase in Overall Health
Exploration of New Goals

Minimum 3 Months Required (Typical Program 3-9 Months)
$300 startup fee
Including Assessment
Physician/Family Consult

One 1 hour face to face meeting, and two-30 minute phone calls: $600.
Two 1 hour face to face meetings and four-30 minute phone calls: $1100.
Three 2-hour face to face meetings and 6-30 minute phone calls: $1500.

Relapse Prevention
Have you been sober for at least 6 months?  Are you looking to find
support and deeper meaning in your everyday life?  Ruschelle will help
you develop a passionate life plan that builds upon your recovery.
Just because you are sober doesn't mean you don't want to have fun!
Be prepared to be challenged mentally and physically.  This program
will combine relapse prevention coaching with positive coaching and
personal training if needed, to help you live a life you never

Sample sessions might include trying out new talents like horseback
riding or cooking classes and how to incorporate play into your
relpase prevention plan.

Individual sessions or personalized packages available upon request.

Not in Manhattan?  Not a Problem.
Skypecall Packages are available:

One 1-hour phone call and five-30 minute phone calls: $500.
Two 1-hour phone call and ten-30 minute phone calls: $1000.
Three 1-hour phone calls and twenty-30 minute phone calls: $1800.


Personal Training for Recovery
Meditation Training
Equine Therapy Sessions

Individual Consult       $250 per hour
Crisis Calls                  $100 per 30 minute
Unlimited Email           $100 monthly

Daily Companion Coaching assignments:

8 Hours Per Diem: $1000.

All coaching assignments are pre-paid (minus Crisis Calls).

You can arrange your coaching schedule around your needs and your schedule.